Command Marketing System™

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command marketing program

The Command Marketing System™ is a proprietary system created by The Curinton Group to implement multiple channels of marketing and advertising to your target market.  Our system places your business far above the competition that they would have to be nuts to do business with any other business but yours.


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Development Stage


During this stage we will work with with your company to develop and discover the message that will be injected into all your marketing and advertising channels.  We also uncover what you say, how you say it and who you say it to so you effectively create a brand and message that is clearly represented in your marketing efforts.

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brush Image Enhancement Stage


In order to make sure there is a consistent message across the board we infuse the Command Marketing System™ into your business appearance as well.  This means we take a look at your web design, collateral materials, online and traditional marketing efforts and ensure the image has a consistent message.

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Marketing Jacksonville FlMarketing Formula 


This scientific formula takes your marketing efforts from a “I hope my marketing works”, to a place where you can be confident in your marketing efforts and Know they work!  We work to Interrupt, Involve, Inform, and Initiate.  This formula is key in getting the message to your target audience and speaking their language so well, they will have to be crazy to do business with anyone else but you!

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 marketing jacksonville flIntegration Stage


We integrate your marketing into traditional and online marketing and advertising to create a seamless flow of connection between you and your prospects.  We strategically combine the best mobile, traditional, and online marketing.

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marketing jacksonville flImplementation


This critical process ensures that your branding is consistent in all areas.  Making sure that your messages are cohesively aligned to show prospects that you are who you say you are.  This creates confidence in your prospects and allows for you to obtain larger market share.

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This system is so powerful and well structured, that you don’t want your competition to grab before you do.  So will it be you or your competition?  Call Now!

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