We approach every client as an individual project that needs specific attention in certain areas.  There is no one size fits all when it comes to marketing.  We look forward to attending to your client specific needs.  Ready To Get Started? Click Here







“Quisha Paicely is an amazingly talented woman with eye on detail. The experience I have had with her company has been nothing but exceptional.  As a business person, I have met numerous “creative-types” who have taken their notes – were attentive  – but had no depth of detail or follow through ability. As a publisher and network organization founder, it is vitally important that my message be clear and have meaning an depth. That is what I have with The Curinton Group and with Quisha Paicely specifically.  Amazing work and compassion for the client’s wishes and aspirations.  I highly recommend the company and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship. ”






Quisha with The Curinton Group was an absolute joy to work with.  She was a tremendous asset to me as she actively listened to me and helped me focus in on my objectives.  She also provided continual support whenever I needed further assistance once my project was complete.  My end product was very professional!

 “Creating social marketing plans and designs for my new photography business was often daunting and time consuming. When I met Quisha King from the Curinton Group, I instantly knew she was the perfect person to help amp my business to a new level. She offered so many creative, fresh ideas and was attentive to every detail. My Facebook Business Page makeover really looks amazing! Thanks again.”

Marla C. Porter
Chrysalis Boudoir/MarlaPorterPhotography, LLC

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