Website Design And How It Can Increase Sales!

by Quisha King on March 7, 2013

Isn’t It Time Your Web Design Increased Sales And Helped Grow Your Business?

Web designers Jacksonville Fl

Web design in Jacksonville Florida or anywhere for that matter should be looked at as on opportunity to increase sales.  Unfortunately, many web designers focus their efforts on simply creating a website for looks.

The fact of the matter is most professional web designers don’t build websites from the ground up, they use templates and do a little custom coding to suite your brand, and they are not professional marketers.

This is where you need to be wise in trusting who will design your site. [click to continue…]

  Create Business Flyers and Brochures Your Prospects Actually Want To Read!

Brochures Jacksonville FloridaWe all know the story.

Many of us have been there.

You find a graphic designer who makes beautiful flyers and brochures.  Or maybe you use a service like VistaPrint with ready made graphics and you just fill in the blanks.

You call them up.

You provide the content on the pieces or maybe they provide it for you.

And you have them printed and shipped.

You are so excited, especially if you are a new small business owner.  Your flyers and brochures solidify you as a serious business person.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of new small business owners who focus on the look of the flyer and the brochure rather than the content. [click to continue…]

Here’s How A 6 Year Old Writes PPC Ads That Sell!

January 15, 2013

Feel like a failure when no one is responding to your PPC Ads?  Here’s What You Can Learn From My 6 Year Old Daughter To Get Better Responses. My sister has young children, so of course my children and her children LOVE to play with each other.  As in many families it’s not always the […]

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3 Reasons You Fail At Generating Leads

January 8, 2013

Not Generating The Leads You Need To Make Money?  Here’s 3 Reasons Why     I bet when you first started your business, your first priorities were business cards, brochures, incorporating, and a website. Then, you probably started trying to find all the networking events in your area to generate leads. Maybe next you started a business […]

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I’m Dumping My New Year’s Resolution

January 2, 2013

Why Wait For A Resolution?  Make A Choice To Change Now! I know what you’re thinking…its only the 2nd day of January and you’ve given up already? Well..not exactly.  From this day forward I will no longer have a New Year’s Resolution.  I want a real change in my life and that comes by choice, […]

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Beyonce Signs $50 Million Pepsi Deal! Here’s What Your Small Business Can Learn From This!

December 18, 2012

So what.  Another Pepsi deal with a rock star right?  Well not quite. Take your small business out of the dark ages and change your business for life! Pepsi and other brands like Polaroid, Glaceau which makes “Vitamin Water”,  and Intel are just a few of the big brands that are hiring celebrities to be […]

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Most Important Part To Marketing. But Gets Least Attention In New Businesses

December 13, 2012

What If Your Tomorrow Is Never The Same As Yesterday Ever Again? This is my hearts desire for new and small business owners in need of marketing help.  Just because you’re new in business, and you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars for marketing, and you need some help figuring it all out, doesn’t […]

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Content Marketing Infused With Your Website Design

December 13, 2012

Would You Like To Have Tons Of The Right People Following You On Your Website? I actually get all giddy when I think about content marketing. I’m sure you’ve heard for a long time that “content is king” and “content is the new currency”.  But it can still be hard to understand and work into […]

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Are You Branded Right? You’ll Be Surprised, It’s Not What You Think

December 13, 2012

 How To Be A Brand That Stands Out And All The Right People Love Are You Ready To Brand Yourself So Incredibly Uniquely That No One Will Ever Stand Above Your Brand? That’s you way up there standing tall on that mountain of YOU, INC. The Secret to great branding is YOU.  As in, you […]

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Promote The Heck Out Of Your Website. Online And Offline!

December 13, 2012

Promoting Your Website Should Not Stop Online, You Can Drive Traffic Offline As Well.  With Simple and Easy Tips! There are many ways to advertise your website without breaking the bank.  As a business owner, you are constantly thinking of new ways to get more traffic and promote your website.

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