Here’s How A 6 Year Old Writes PPC Ads That Sell!

by Quisha King on January 15, 2013

Feel like a failure when no one is responding to your PPC Ads?  Here’s What You Can Learn From My 6 Year Old Daughter To Get Better Responses.

My sister has young children, so of course my children and her children LOVE to play with each other.  As in many families it’s not always the best time to visit each other, but does that ever matter to children?….No!

So, on Saturday my oldest daughter wanted to visit her cousins and it just was not a good time.  We had just moved, and I still had boxes to unpack and it was just the most ‘not good time’ to go visit family.
My daughter came in with her beautiful little face, and looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes of hers, and began to create the greatest PPC Ad that I had heard!
Im convinced, 6 year old babies are marketing geniuses…below you can  see what she said and how you can easily benefit from PPC in your business no matter what business you’re in.
Even if you are writing direct mail postcards and letters.  PPC Ads written this way will get you the results you want every time!
As my daughter begin to persuade me to take her and her little sister to he Aunts house where she could play, she begin to tell me.  “You and daddy can have time together.”
“The house will be quiet and you can watch your favorite show.”  “Please mommy please, you and daddy can have time together”
I looked at her, and I thought “wow she has really been listening to what I want.”  She repeated back to me all the things she hears me say to my husband, on the phone, to my girlfriend.
The best way to write great PPC ads is to listen to what your target audience or ideal client is telling you and repeat it back to them.
I just looked at her in shock as she tried to persuade me to let her go.  It was so simple, it was an “Aha” moment for me.
Even though we have heard of listening to your clients, and your target markets in order to know how to serve them the best.  It gets no greater than seeing an untrained, 6 year old be better at marketing than some of the so called ‘gurus’!
Writing PPC ads does not have to be rocket science.  In order to have effective PPC ads and effective direct mailings we must know the deeper levels of what our clients want and need, beyond the surface level of knowing and dig deeper to their emotions.
My daughter knows that my husband and I don’t get to spend that much alone time together and she knows how much we want to be able to do so.
By listening, she turned that want into a persuasive billboard that made me stop and pay attention.  PPC ads and direct mailings should focus on those deep desires that drive people to respond to your PPC ads.
By honing in on the deep desires that are rolling around in our ideal clients subconscious mind, we tap into what they want the most.
This is why knowing your ideal client is so super important.  We cannot properly serve them unless we know WHO they are and HOW they think.
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Dream Big,
Quisha Paicely

Quisha King is a marketing entrepreneur who believes “your business is small, your marketing doesn’t have to be.” Her marketing systems help small business owners get results with their marketing efforts by creating actionable strategies that are easy and simple to implement.

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