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by Quisha King on December 11, 2012

Writing your unique selling proposition (USP)Finding your unique selling proposition (USP),  is not as hard as it sounds.  But it is a necessary part to forming your business that will set you apart from your competition and offer a promise you can deliver on every time.

Your USP will answer the question, “What is going to make people want to do business with you over your competition?” You have to tell them why they should…and they will.

Here’s a little story…

My youngest daughter had a bad cough once.  Every time she coughed it sounded like a old truck with a bad engine trying to start.

It broke my heart and none of the medicine I had given her was working.  I had given her a cold and cough medicine, but to no avail.   So I thought let me try something just for coughs, and I want it to work fast so she could get some relief!

I did a Google search and a ton of products came up.  My babies don’t get sick that often so I really didn’t know which one to try.

I got, “Control your cough”, “Daytime Cold and Cough”, “Effective Relief for Children” and then “Cough Relief Medicine that Gets
to Work Fast to Quiet Coughs!”  That was it!

Relief that works fast to quiet coughs!  Exactly what I wanted.

My pain point was solved!  My search was over.  It took me no time to decide if this would be the one I would try.

Why?  Because its unique selling point was in place!

Your unique selling point tells people why they should do business with you.  You have to communicate the BENEFITS of your product or service!

Many people use Dominoes Pizza as an example of a great USP.  “Pizza Delivered In 30 Minutes Or Its Free” They didn’t say it will taste good, or that it will be hot…they said they’d get it to you in 30 min.  So for the college student, or parents who need a quick meal this is who they likely choose.

A USP needs to be determined no matter what business industry you’re in.  Let’s say you own a tire shop and you do tire rotations very well.

Its not “We specialize in tire rotations.” No one cares! So does tons of other tore shops. Its “No one has hours to spend at a tire shop, that’s why our tire rotations are done in 20 min or less!”   See the difference?

Give the benefits of your service, what’s in it for the customer.

Know what you do well so that you can find your unique selling proposition, are you faster, do you have smarter technology, more experienced?  Whatever it maybe, demonstrate whats in it for the client/customer by describing your benefits and you’ll win every time.

Being the cheapest is not a good USP(by itself) to go with unless you are significantly cheaper and can offer the same quality product.  People will pay more for quality.  We believe you get what you pay for.  You may add it but being the cheapest alone won’t work.

Here are 3 easy steps to writing your unique selling proposition.

  • Look At Your Company From Your Customer’s Point Of View
What do your customers need from you that they aren’t getting from your competition?  By taking a look at what your competition isn’t doing you will begin to see where you can fill in the gap for your customers and offer them this benefit in your own unique way.
Is your competition doing things the old fashioned way and you can get it done technologically smarter?
Do they make you wait forever or take a long time to deliver and you can deliver service faster?
Does your competition offer a service/product where its hard to get to geographically?  Can you offer to place your product in a location where its more convenient to get to?
By taking a look at what your competition does not offer you can put yourself in place fill that gap and show it in your USP.
  • What Benefits Do You Offer Best?

Write down the 5 of the biggest benefits that set you apart from your competition.  Again, not focusing on the service or product  aspect by focus on the emotional connections, that answers “what’s in it for me?”

How will you alleviate a pain or problem, make their life simpler, get something done faster?  Make sure its something you know you can deliver on every time.  They will be able to say “Oh you’re the company that’s famous for_________.”

  • Wrap It Up
Take everything you’ve just discovered, narrow down to one unique benefit and write your USP.  Combine the gap that you fill, with your benefit and write a 3  sentences.  Play around with it see what works best.  Tweak it here and there and your end sentence will be something that will uniquely set you apart from your competition.
Remember:  It’s more than just having the best new product or service, your business will survive on how well you make your benefits shine to the customer.
I believe in you! You can do this!
Tell me what you came up with in the comments below.  And chat with me on Facebook I’d love to meet you!
Dream Big,
Quisha Paicely

Quisha King is a marketing entrepreneur who believes “your business is small, your marketing doesn’t have to be.” Her marketing systems help small business owners get results with their marketing efforts by creating actionable strategies that are easy and simple to implement.

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