Promote The Heck Out Of Your Website. Online And Offline!

by Quisha King on December 13, 2012

Promoting Your Website Should Not Stop Online, You Can Drive Traffic Offline As Well.  With Simple and Easy Tips!

There are many ways to advertise your website without breaking the bank.  As a business owner, you are constantly thinking of new ways to get more traffic and promote your website.

It takes time to get massive amounts of traffic, and not only do we want traffic we want targeted traffic right?  After all,  a bunch of construction workers checking out our site when we sell pantyhose, is the last thing we want.

Don’t get disappointed and discouraged when you don’t see the numbers you want in a month.  But know that it is a collective plan of consistency and persistence that wins in the end!

Here are 10 simple, easy tips to promote your website!

  1. Networking Events.  Instead of giving your business card offer a free product, like a free report, video, white pages, or mp3 that can only be accessed through your email opt in.  Give the link on a postcard flyer and this will promote your site and also create your list at the same time!

  2. Advertise your website with Free listings.  Do a Google search on “Post Free Ads”, it will return so many places where you can post ads, and when people do a search you have a better chance of coming up in the search engine.  Don’t forget Craigslist too!
  3. Include a link to a great post in your email signature.  If you have a great post you can use that link in your signature.
  4. Post in forums.  Your target market is out there looking for information.  Go to forums related in your niche and offer valuable feedback.  You can create a link to your site or a great post that you’ve written.
  5. Don’t be afraid to blog.  Blogging is becoming more and more apart of winning marketing plan.  Google and the others return results that are fresh, new and relevant.  Blogging allows you to create fresh, new, valuable content, and build relationships that create loyal customers.  You Must Blog. Even if its just twice a month!
  6. Connect With Other Businesses.  Connect with other businesses that service the same target market as you do. Ask to go onto their mailing list to add value to their customers.  Also, ask to stick those flyers you made with that link to your free giveaway in a place where their customers will see it.
  7. Facebook Ads.  Facebook offers a great way to target your market and get low-cost marketing right into the hands of the people looking to buy.  Facebook offers one of the best targeted PPC(Pay Per Click) campaigns around.
  8. Google Adwords.  Google adwords works best if your business is local.  However, even if you have on online business there is nothing wrong with offering your services locally to get money rolling in.
  9. Press Releases. Write a press release for your business.  You can write about services you offer, events going on in your business.  Anything that your business does that your competition does not will be great to write a press release on as well.
  10. Social Bookmarking Sites.  Social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Digg, Squidoo, StumbleUpon,  allow for your post to be shared, and searched.  This helps you get found in search engines.

The above tips are a great place to start to get found online and offline as well.  The bottom line is to get your site on as much virtual real-estate as possible.  Offline your goal is to connect with as many people who already has access to your ideal customers and target audience.

Everyday you should have a plan to extend your reach into more peoples lives within your niche.

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Dream Big,

Quisha Paicely

Quisha King is a marketing entrepreneur who believes “your business is small, your marketing doesn’t have to be.” Her marketing systems help small business owners get results with their marketing efforts by creating actionable strategies that are easy and simple to implement.

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