Most Important Part To Marketing. But Gets Least Attention In New Businesses

by Quisha King on December 13, 2012

What If Your Tomorrow Is Never The Same As Yesterday Ever Again?

This is my hearts desire for new and small business owners in need of marketing help.  Just because you’re new in business, and you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars for marketing, and you need some help figuring it all out, doesn’t not mean that you don’t deserve the very best for your new business.  Actually you need it the most.

Have you ever wished that your business could have the type of growth and awareness that was creative and drew lots of attention? Wished that you were having new business coming in almost effortlessly?

Well, effective ad campaigns is well written copy that speaks directly to your core audience, and compels them to pick up a phone and place that order.  A great ad campaign for new businesses can can change human behavior!  

We small business owners have the opportunity now to be seen in top magazines, create our own PPC ads and to draw attention to our businesses like large businesses.  An ad campaign is simply an advertising message that is spread over several media outlets.  For instance you have a new offer for your product or service, and you create a juicy ad.

The worst ads are the ads where new business owners that have not made a name for themselves place a business card like “ad” in advertisement.  This is the best way to get NO attention.

That ad will be placed on different media outlets, such as Facebook Ads, Adwords by Google, any PPC campaign, print, radio and television…this is your ad campaign.  Each media outlet will have a consistent message of your product offer that influences consumers to purchase.

It doesn’t take a huge advertising agency to get you profiting in your new business marketing efforts.  Your company is missing one thing from your ad campaigns, and that’s your natural talents and skills.  So how do you get an ad that stands out?

Headline!- Your headline must be compelling, it has to be grabbing and compel the reader to read on.

Copy!-Your copy must further provide evidence of the headline and compel the user to the next step.  Your copy MUST appeal to the results your prospects will gain from using your product or service.

Think emotional response when looking for your benefits, is it relief, more time with family, less stress and less work, more time to do essentials.  The emotional appeal in your copy will connect to your prospect which is why knowing WHO your prospect is and what types of worries and problems they have is so important.

Call To Action!- Your call to action should be bold and tell the reader to act now!  Give a time limit, or only available to a certain number of people.  This will cause your readers to act fast.

If you are spending money to place an ad in any media outlet, make sure it speaks the language your ideal client.  Make sure you take the time to draft a awesome compelling headline.

And for the love of the earth please no do not place an ad that is basically your business card, no one cares about your name, your number or contact info until you have successfully sold them!

Its so amazing to live in a time that we live in today, where a new small  business owner can realize the same fulfilling life that bigger CEO’s do, and live with financial stability!

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Dream Big,

Quisha Paicely



Quisha King is a marketing entrepreneur who believes “your business is small, your marketing doesn’t have to be.” Her marketing systems help small business owners get results with their marketing efforts by creating actionable strategies that are easy and simple to implement.

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