Dangers Of Unsupportive People In Your Life And Business

by Quisha King on November 30, 2012

People Who Do Not Support You As You Grow Your Business Are Dangerous…Here’s Why


Unsupportive people can come in all titles of your life.  They can be mothers, sisters, fathers, children, even spouses.  While I’m not suggesting that any person who does not support your dreams and goals should be kicked to the curb, I am suggesting that you have a right to choose who you allow in your space to give you advice and criticism.  

When your starting a business or a new venture, its tough enough just to muster up enough courage to begin, the last thing you need are naysayers who have no real idea on what you’re doing, what’s motivating you and how you have researched and planned this whole thing out.  


Inspirational speaker, Iyanla Vanzant says “we have 2 primary emotions, love and fear.”  Actions of unsupportive people are operating out of fear.  Bottom line if we can see that they are afraid for us or our success it helps to understand  where the unsupport comes from.

First Step-Understanding the fear


As I mentioned before there are 2 primary emotions love and fear.  Someone who is unsupportive of a dream or goal is typically operating out of some form of fear.  Whether it be fear of seeing you fail, fear of watching you succeed, or fear of loosing you.  Many types of fear may arise as you grow your business or dream.  Understanding what the root of the fear is and addressing it with them will help both of you keep a loving relationship and help them understand where you are and become more supportive in your life.

Second Step-Talking It Out

Many times relatives, friends or even spouses, may not understand what exactly it is you are doing and that lack of understanding makes them go into a place of unsupport.  Talking it out with them and understanding where they are will help them to feel more connected in your journey and be the cheer team we all love and need.  After all, starting a business or going after a big dream is a huge deal and we ALL need as much support as possible.

Third Step-Backing Away

As in many things, we need to know when to let it go.  Some people do not deserve the right to comment on the validity of your dreams.  And as you are perusing your dreams, negative people have absolutely no place in where you are going.  People whom you have little to no connection to and don’t play a major role in your life need to be treated as such, always with respect but with strict boundaries.  

We will come up against many obstacles as we maneuver towards our life goals.  Having unsupportive people in our lives constantly making us feel bad, or insane for going after our dreams, can severely damage how you see yourself and your vision.  Your vision needs to be consistently feed healthy, positive encouragement to continue on the journey.  Be open to constructive criticism but be cautious as to who has your best interest at heart.

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