The Truth About Marketing Your Small Business-For New Business Owners

by Quisha King on November 30, 2012

Small Business Marketing That Works!

There is so much crap out there that I felt the need to address some of the “myths” that many business owners think they need in order to be successful.  

As a new business owners, there are so many hats you are wearing.  You are the Marketing Department, Accounting Department, and Human Resources.

Out of all these things to think about, the two things that are on your mind the most are: How do I make people aware that I exist, and how do I make sales.

Small business marketing is not what it used to be.  With social media, the internet and skills anyone can learn and apply.

You can create a business you can be proud of where you don’t have to sacrifice your little one’s soccer game or ballet recital just to bring in a nice paycheck.

Get these myths out of your head and dive into facts that will get you started right in business and writing your own paycheck!

The Myths:


  1.  Its going to take boat loads of money! While it does take some money for marketing and advertising.  It doesn’t take as much as you think.  To be able to create a professional image for your business there is some money needed to start.However, there are many DIY (Do It Yourself) ways to market and advertise that cut cost without cutting corners and Many That Are FREE! More on that below.
  2. I need to be a marketing genius! Well not exactly…marketing know how is a must but to be smart about it, learn all you can for free, and invest in yourself to learn the stuff you don’t know.  The Curinton Group provides lots of free marketing information to getting started the right way.
  3. Internet Marketing is enough, OR offline marketing is enough! Any one of these in any order at any time of day, is FALSE! I can not stress this enough.  I come across so many small businesses that do not have a web presence or a social media presence its unbelievable. I also see many businesses online who think all they need to do is have a fabulous online presence. Even if you are an internet marketer there are offline ways to market your business to attract the right clients who would have otherwise not have found you.

These common myths that taunt small business owners don’t have to be debilitating  because there are actions you can take.

The Facts:


Yes you need start-up capital and working capital but it doesn’t have to be boat loads. What I mean by that is you can DIY. Here are some FREE ways to market your website or blog.

  • Create press releases 

Press releases are a great way to showcase your blog post, specials and deals.  You can even create video press releases which are even better. offers a free service to help do both.  

  • Promote your post

Often times we write a post and we think that’s it.  We move onto the next.  With each post, you should submit them to sites like Squidoo, Digg, and Reddit.  You should also post a link on Facebook, Twitter, and don’t forget about sending each post to your email list.

  • Social Media

 So many small businesses misuse social media for their business.  Get a Facebook business page aside from your personal page.  Connect with your Facebook Fans, hear them and listen often to create a long lasting relationship with them.  Remember, social media is social, not sales!

          Do not be the business that everyone runs away from because you are constantly selling them.  

  • Offline Efforts

 First make sure you are consistently branding all your collateral (brochures, visual aids, web content, etc).  Every piece needs    to communicate your brand message, who you are and what you are about.  Consistently stating your message, lets all who see it know why your business is here and what they can reliably expect from you.

People buy from brands they know, like and trust, so always keep that in mind in whatever marketing effort or piece you create.  Printed and digital branded material does not have to be expensive, if you trust yourself enough to create the right message, you will only need to hire a graphic designer for your pieces.  Doing so will greatly reduce your expenses.

But I don’t know how to market my business

You don’t have to be a marketing genius, but you do however need to know some skills, otherwise you will waste money on crap you don’t need and get no results.

Marketing is not about you or your business its about your customer/client.

If you can get this you are ahead of so many business owners, newbies and veterans!!

In order to sell anything to anyone ever in your life YOU MUST KNOW YOUR CLIENT!


You must get inside of your potential customers head so that you know how to speak to them, what they think about so you can address it, and what problems they have in your niche so you can fix it.

If you don’t spend the time learning to speak your client’s language it will almost be impossible for you to reach them.

Thats how you market your business.  You make it about them and not you.

“My business is offline, I don’t need online marketing…OR My business is online I don’t need offline marketing.”

If ever you think one marketing strategy will work for you, STOP.

There is never one marketing strategy that you should be trying.  You will leave money on the table every time.  

You will miss countless amounts of opportunity to serve people who don’t happen to find you that one itty bitty little way you have marketed your company. 

Online companies should have offline marketing measures such as:

  • Magazine/Newspaper/and journal ad buys.  In small newspapers unless you have a large budget.  Buy the space in relevant niche magazines.  DO NOT purchase ad space in a newspaper just because the space is cheap.  

     You will waste money and not see ANY results.

Offline companies should have online marketing measures such as:

  • Facebook pay per click ads.

   You can easily target your demographic, and they can be very cheap with LOTS of results.!

  • Google Adwords
             Google adwords works better if you specialize in local services.
Ad buys on relevant niche websites that have a following, are not direct competitors, but market to your ideal     customers/clients.

Marketing for a new small business can seem scary in the beginning, however, taking the time to learn your ideal client, find where they are and solve their problems makes marketing a whole lot easier.

Make it about them and not you and you will find yourself growing month by month onto the life you have always dreamed of living.

I would Love for you to come join us over on Facebook to chat…see ya there!

Dream Big,

Quisha Paicely


Quisha King is a marketing entrepreneur who believes “your business is small, your marketing doesn’t have to be.” Her marketing systems help small business owners get results with their marketing efforts by creating actionable strategies that are easy and simple to implement.

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