3 Tips To Make Google Send Traffic Your Way For FREE!

by Quisha King on November 3, 2012

Want Google To Advertise For You For Free Sending Your Target Audience To Your Website?

Ever wonder how  others just  seem to just know how to write great content as a new business owner? Read on, and you’ll learn how to use and apply the same secret weapons of writing content for your new business that top business owners are using right now, to make profits!

So, you’re at your computer, you begin to fill your brand new website with content, and it hits you, you have no idea what to write.  You do the thing that comes most natural and that is to toot your horn of your product or service right?

You fill your pages with words and you wait for traffic to start swarming your way.  Day after day,  maybe a visitor or two but no real movement.

What in the world could be wrong?

Learn how to make Google advertise for you For FREE!

Just because you have words on a blog post does NOT mean you have good content.  When marketing your new business this can be the biggest mistake of new business owners.  You figure, “Hey if someone comes across my site and reads how super awesome I am, I’m bound to get a few calls, clicks, and shares right?”


I see so many new business owners trying to market their business the right way, and just cannot figure out why or how marketing works–especially online.

Lets look at the “What, Why & How” Content is free marketing for your new business.

 Today’s What, Why & How


  • Content

What is content?  Content is simply words.  Whether we are writing, typing, or speaking.  Content is the information we are passing along to others.  It lets people know how we can help them, what we have to offer and answers the question, what’s in it for me?  It is the very thing that drives your business.


Content allows for your readers/customers/prospects to get a feel of who YOU are.  People buy from who they know like and trust,  and valuable content gives them information that they can leave with and feel good about.  It brings the users closer to you so that you can better connect with them.  Humans have a need for knowledge and good, free knowledge is valuable.   Content is the tool that communicates your message over and over again.  So, use it wisely.


How do you do this?  If you are serious at all in making it as a business owner you must have valuable online content via website or blog.  94% of consumers use a search engine to find the product or service they want to use.  That’s huge!  Think about it like this,  Google is Super Word Reader Machine, and unless you are contributing something relevant it will toss you into its useless website landfill and not pay any attention to a word you type. 

You know in high school and your mother said “it doesn’t matter what other people think of you”, well in Google land what others say and link to is all it cares about.  If no one is finding your information useful Google will deem you irrelevant.

Dont fret.  Here are three super duper ways to make sure your content counts and that Google is placing your relevance high on its ranks.

  • Know Your Audience

We hate to do this but you must figure out who you are trying to reach so that you can effectively talk to them.  If you don’t do this, its like playing charades and people are left to guess who the heck your talking to…”uhhh you taking ta me??”  Its basically making a profile of that perfect client.  This makes it super easy to do PPC ads, ad campaigns etc.  When you know your audience your able to market to them directly.  Its MUCH easier to sell this way.

  • Speak Their Language

In order to communicate to the audience you know have defined you have to speak their language.  The way I speak to a person who love health and exercise is not the way I speak to a person who is a junk food junkie.  Its like speaking  Spanish to a non Spanish speaking person…they ain’t gonna get it.  No matter how hard you try.

 So you must know who you are talking to so its easy for them to understand. Make your content clear so that your readers feel like you “get” them.  I across many blogs or websites that just are not for me.  I like to be spoken to on a very casual level.  I don’t want to have to pull out a dictionary every other sentence.  So I’m more inclined to read blogs that I feel the writer and I are “on the same page.”

  • Keywords

Keywords help Google and the others find you and make your prospects breath a sigh of relief that they have found exactly what they where searching for.  Strategically place your keywords inside of your post so that Google knows to include that article in their list.  Don’t over do though or you WILL be banned.  Make it conversational but keyword rich.

Keywords are so important to getting found on Google, its how Google functions.  You want to make your keywords glide in line like they belong there.   I typically pick 2 keywords/phrases for each blog post and strategically place them in my copy.  This way its not annoying or over done.

It took me forever to understand how to successfully write content that converts to market my new business.  Doing these simple 3 steps will help Google hear you when you write and get more traffic to your site.

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It give me great pleasure to share the things I’ve learned in my journey!  My heart is to impart the right tools needed to help you grow your business.

Dream Big,


Quisha King is a marketing entrepreneur who believes “your business is small, your marketing doesn’t have to be.” Her marketing systems help small business owners get results with their marketing efforts by creating actionable strategies that are easy and simple to implement.

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