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3 Important Facts About Web Design That Could Tank Your Entire Project Before It Even Gets Started!

You know you need a website but you aren’t sure who to trust.  It can be hard to know what to look for when choosing your Jacksonville web design company.  There are so many companies to consider and prices can range from free to thousands of dollars.  So, I’d like to help you out but revealing the 3 most important web design mistakes, so you are armed with information to make the right decision.

Web design and local marketing fails for many reasons, but here we’ll discuss the top 3.

Web Design Fault #1-Lack Of Planned Marketing Content

Your web design and marketing pieces are created by a graphic designer and not a marketing professional.   Graphic designers are just that, they design graphics, they aren’t aware of marketing planning and techniques that will get the right message of your company heard.  In fact, they typically come to you for text and content! Even if they do write your content they are probably using the 3 sinful phrases that will always give you less than desirable results.  Download our free report on the 3 sinful phrases that you’re probably using in your advertising right now!  At The Curinton Group, we use The Command Marketing System™ which is a proven and tested scientific approach to creating Jacksonville websites and marketing pieces that your prospects would have to be absolutely crazy to buy from anyone else but you!  Our goal is to dominate your competition, and gain more market share…which is why you’re in business right?

Web Design Fault #2-Lack of Properly Written Videos

Videos can be a powerful tool to quickly and strategically get your message across and used in multiple marketing channels.  The problem is, most video production uses the 3 sinful phrases that can easily tank your video production efforts.  The Curinton Group, applies our Command Marketing System™ to effectively script your videos to get you the best results!

Web Design Fault #3-Outdated Coding

Were you aware that most designers go for looks alone instead of using the best coding and web platform that will get you ranking faster and be compliant with mobile search?  Most designers include flash which Google does not respond to and that causes your site to loose ranking.  The Curinton Group, uses the best design coding and platforms that will get your site ranking on Google and faster and we guarantee Google to crawl your site!  Call and ask us how we were able to rank on the first page of Google within just 2 weeks!

When choosing a Jacksonville Web Design Company, the last you want to do is go for the cheapest graphic designer.  You need a marketing consulting company that will write compelling content for your site, make sure the search engines know your site exist, and set your business apart from the competition so you can dominate and eliminate them!  Whether its web design in Jacksonville, printing brochures and branding products,  every direct mail piece, brochure, and marketing effort should contain a focused message.  This moves your marketing from “I hope this works” to “I know this works!”

Our Command Marketing System™ uses some of the most sought after marketing  strategies and tactics that are world renown.  We look forward to helping your business to the next level.  The only question is will it be YOU or your competition?

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